How To Make Marbled Eggs



Hey friends how are you holding up, I hope you are healthy and well during this difficult time. I know so many of us are still trying to figure out a new normal. For me, keeping busy is how I deal best with the anxiety and stress of the current situation. I’ve been sharing lots of fun Spring and Easter ideas and today I have a super pretty and easy way to decorate Easter Eggs.

Here are the supplies you need:

  • Eggs( I used faux eggs) if you use real eggs you either need to blow them out or if you use har boiled eggs don’t eat them.
  • Nail polish-color and brand of your choice (I used black)
  • Disposable plastic bowl filled with room temp water
  • Disposable gloves
  • Styrofoam block and pins for drying the eggs



First, fill your bowl with water and be sure its not too cold or hot.It needs to be room temperature.



Next, get your drying system ready. I thought placing pins in the egg carton would work out great to dry the eggs on. However, once the cardboard gets wet, it gets soggy and the pins won’t support the eggs. A styrofoam block would probably work out better.



Then, put our gloves on, these are a must. I dropped about 3-4 drops about 1/2″ or so apart into the bowl and give them a second to distribute a little. Take your egg and place it in the floating polish and swirl  it around lifting up the color as you move it around. 







Place the eggs on your drying spot. They actually dried pretty quickly so just setting it back into the carton did damage the look.




There are several ways you can display the eggs, but I decided to use mine on our Easter table. I spray painted little terra cotta pots in white, added a clump of moss and tucked the cute egg inside. I be sharing the full table scape on Friday.





Super easy and so pretty, I love how they turned out. I think I’m going to do some bright colors next time. I just love the black and how unique they look. Of course I love even more how they go with my neutral decor.




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’d love to hear what you think. I also shared how to create newspaper vintage eggs in this post How To Make Beautiful Vintage Paper Covered Easter Eggs

Thanks so much for following along, I’m so glad you are here. I love to hear from my followers and feel free to leave comments and questions. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any posts. I hope you stay well friends.


Happy Decorating


April 7, 2020

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