Ideas To Decorate A Christmas Mantel

Happy Holiday season friends! I’m so excited this festive time of year has arrived and I’ve been busily decorating the house. Have you started yet? Well if not or you’re needed some inspiration, I’m sharing my mantel for this year and hopefully you’ll get a little inspiration for your own. This year my theme is a little “rustic chic” with the spotlight on beautiful greenery and natural elements. For past years ideas, you can visit this post. Welcome To My Christmas Home Tour


When I’m decorating  a space for the holidays, I like to clear the area and start with a clean slate. Here is the mantel all cleared off and ready to go. For how we updated this entire mantel you can visit this post here Fabulous Fireplace Makeover



I started with a nice realistic basic pine garland. I placed 3 small nails in the top of the mantelpiece to anchor the 2 6″ strands of garland.



Then I tucked in a variety of pine stems to give a more realistic look and more texture and color tones.



I tucked in some white berries for a little pop of contrast and added some simply tied, pretty cream satin bows.






A few large pinecones and some deer antlers give that rustic, natural feel. To add some bulk to the garland, I also added some sprigs of eucalyptus. For adding a warm glow, I used battery operated candles in the background, then used my everyday candlesticks for some height and to give additional glow.





Above the mantel, I kept my everyday mirror and added a beautiful swag to tie in with the greenery below. It was a simple piece to create just using a variety of pine greenery.



First just layer 3 larger pieces twisting together and attached with florist wire.





Next, layer some additional pieces of various shades and styles to create the fullness you want.



Once the greenery is wired together, you can add any additional items you want to give it more color or style to the look you want. 




Once the greenery is wired together, I added some berry sprigs and deer antlers to tie in with the rest of the mantel decor. I attached the swag by using the wire that holds it together to the nail on the trim behind the mirror. (the mirror is anchored on this wire)

To attach the stockings, I used clear command hooks underneath the mantel. 



Shop the Look:


I hope this got you excited to decorate your home and gave you some inspiration. I’ll be sharing more Christmas decor inspiration over the next few weeks so hope you’ll come back and check it out. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive updates when a new post is out. I hope you enjoy your holidays and your loved ones….


Happy Decorating


November 27, 2019

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